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Julie Beedon (julie@vistabee.win-uk.net)
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 09:33:36

Replying to LO11838 --

I too share Ron's fascination with how this group functions and was
interested to read his trends..

>1. Threads are followed regardless of the side issues they uncover.

sometimes a thread starts as one thing and then shifts and the new
direction is followed...

>2. Side issues produce interesting comments but no follow through.

sometimes they are fun though!

>3. Many people have a reply cycle (the time it takes to respond to a
>particular thread) that exceeds the real time discussion taking place
>between the rest of the participants.

I always think this makes for an interesting dynamic - personally I find
it a useful reflection back to a conversation which seems to have passed
by and gives me an opportunity if I have been reflecting to post my

>3. Many of the central questions poised by responders are completely
>disregarded by the group.


>4. A handful of contributors outline their objective for writing but most
>leave it up to the reader to discern.

Does it make a difference if the objective is stated to the way the
thread goes in terms of participation?

>5. Writers in this forum almost always use complete sentences, more than
>one paragraph, and make one central point per message.

Sometimes I use sentences and sometimes I pause.... although have
had feedback that my style is hard to follow....

I would add

6. Some people seem to have more time to write than others. Might mean
that the thread that they join in with are the ones which 'stay alive' and
hence could be seen as an 'inner circle'.

7. Some people participate in 'waves' and I wonder if it is the nature of
the conversation or the ebb and flow of their lives which influences their

8. I love it..................

Julie Beedon
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