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W.M. Deijmann (winfried@universal.nl)
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At de lange wrote in replying to Richard berger in TQM vs LO - LO11865

>I agree, creativity does not come from learning.


I haven't quite understood your point in this posting. I need some more
insights from you. But it triggered a lot of mixed feelings and questions
in me. Now I want to cry out loud! So allow me to formulate a - IMO - key

If creativity doesn't come from learning, where - in your opinion - does
creativity come from?

I invite also others to respond on this!

Answering my own question, I experience creativity as a result of an
active artistic prosess in and between people. It's IMO a basic condition
for learning besides the need for freedom.

I experience activ participated artistic exercises as very important to
create learning enviroments. Many of our clients have pointed out that the
artistic exercises we integrated in our projects proved to be key-factors
for succes. That's why I still don't understand why arts has so little
priority in the LO-concepts and why there was so little response to my
postings about "Arts in LO". Ironicly Scott Zimmermann was the only one
that reacted by sending his "Square wheels" cartoon by fax. The cartoon
shows some men pushing and puling a cart with square wooden wheels. Inside
the cart there's a load of round wheels. But everybody is so bussy pushing
and pulling that nobody notices these round wheels inside the cart. And
this cartoon exactly visualizes my feelings on this subject: The key's are
right there inside everybody, waiting to be discovered, explored and used.
Why is it not seen?

Help me on this one, please!



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