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" I would add

6. Some people seem to have more time to write than others. Might mean
that the thread that they join in with are the ones which 'stay alive' and
hence could be seen as an 'inner circle'.

7. Some people participate in 'waves' and I wonder if it is the nature of
the conversation or the ebb and flow of their lives which influences their

My pet peeve is long posts. I don't have the time (or usually the
inclination) to read through the ones that would print out to two or three
pages, so I tend to skip those--knowing that I may be missing some good
stuff. As I sit here trying to eat lunch with one hand and type with the
other, I realize that unnecessarily long posts may ironically be a result
of the time pressure. It takes time to edit one's own writing and reduce
it to essential points; whereas it may be relatively easy and fast to
simply disgorge thoughts unedited.

Guess I'll stop and try to get the lasagna off my keyboard.

-Dick Jacobs



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