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The first word that comes to mind is "control" Until it becomes to
everyone's best interest to freely learn and openly share these new
thoughts it probably won't continue. In healthcare I've noticed the
mouthing of openeness until it starts getting in the way of someone's
control then openeness and creativity is shut down for the status quo.

So you give out your best and the manager give you a bonus. Not enough.
Really cultivating a belonging and long term incentive would certainly
help. Ownership. A lot of people don't want it because they don't believe
it's worth the responisbility.

Kevin Murphy

I bet people at Kingston are motivated to help that company grow. I
believe if you cultivate ownership then you promote learning and being
your best.

I thing maximizing the numbers of people involved becomes your goal. The
ideal 100% will probably never be reached, but wouldn't it be great!

Kevin Murphy


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