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Scott Simmerman (
Wed, 15 Jan 1997 15:46:24 -0500

Why is it that so few organizations value the input of their people so
little that they don't bother to manage their ideas for improvement? As
I've observed in organizations and in some of the listserves, it seems
that Dilbert is running the Suggestion Schemes / Systems more than
enlightened managers.

Workers have good ideas. And there is a clear correlation between active
involvement and organizational learning and individual improvement. And
when one asks for ideas, most people seem willing to give them.

But when organizations attempt to formalize this process into a business
improvement strategy, the systems fail, the workers get frustrated and
nothing (or little) seems to happen.

It would seem that this issue would be a good one for discussion. It
would seem that the factors necessary for this to approach to work are
pretty straightforward. Why is it that most seem to fall flat after a
short period of time?

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