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>Finally, pay is an issue. I have read post that said they moved for pay
>and that was a mistake. If pay was not important, how many people
>voluntary take lower paying jobs? Not many. Pay has to be competitive, and
>without promotional possibilities, it needs to be based on something more
>than merit. Probably the most popular method right now is broad banding.
>This has its advantages and disadvantages.

I am one of those who said moving for pay is a mistake. This is because
when all was said and done, if it (pay) remained the one positive factor
of all of those that you mentioned: sense of community, opportunity,
ability to learn, etc., environment where you live (you mentioned your
dislike of OKC) pay by itself is not enough. When pay emerges as the one
thing that is 100% positive, it is not enough of a motivator to keep me in
a job. As Ben Compton said in his post, it can be difficult to get out of
bed in the morning, despite the money. I have previously moved for lessor
pay, into work that I found more appealing and to live in an
environment/community that I loved. I would do it again, in a heartbeat!


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