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Mnr AM de Lange (AMDELANGE@gold.up.ac.za)
Thu, 16 Jan 1997 12:39:20 GMT+2

Keith Sandrock wrote in LO11926

> But there is an even more profound fact. Paul pointed out that God would
> never allow us to be exposed to a situation too overpowering for us to
> bear. An so, when things get really tough we can call on a higher power
> to give us the strength to choose the right option. I don't think that
> opening up makes one vulnerable - unless you want it that way.

Dear Keith

I do want to say: "Thank you very much for your timely contribution".

I wanted to say: "You are absolutely right about God's role". But now I
have to say: "I know with my mind, feel with my heart and believe with my
soul that you are right about God's role".

When we wish to go beyond that wich we know with our mind in order to know
more, we will always have to deal with God Creator (the point you have
stressed and I agree with) and our creativity as creatures (the point
which I want to stress). What now always strikes me, as soon as we have to
deal with the Creator and our creativity, things such as chaos,
bifurcations (emergence or immergence), complexity, impairment,
immaturity, past and future, etc. abounds. Some believe God and souls
exist while others don't. Some believe that beliefs lead to knowledge
while others claim that knowledge contains no belief. What an incredible
chaos! When will the grand bifurcation and its aftermath ever happen?

Best wishes
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