Re: Substituting computers for people LO172

Keith Cowan (
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 21:08:50 -0500 (EST)

Joseph O'Connor wrote in LO78:

> Yes managers think they have control. The paradox is that the
> more they have people reporting to them, piles of paperwork to
> do and lots of questions to answer (which could easily be
> answered down the line if the people there were empowered to do
> so) the less control they have in reality.
> Nothing is happening slowly.
> The first step is to realise you don't have control anyway, and
> then the second step is to get those people out networking
> taking initiatives, team working, taking responsibility,
> learning on the job, and then telling you about what they have
> achieved.
> Joseph O'Connor

This is a REAL dilemma. In most management jobs I have been in including
several VP levels. when I first get there, the work schedule is totally
consumed by the current process. The first thing I do is take control of
my calendar and start to work on only those items of importance. Of
course, this implies a correct value judgement BUT many others get caught
up in such BUSY WORK and infer some sense of importance to it. This is the
heady elixir that causes many businesses to fail. What is needed is an
enhanced sense of self-awareness that keeps asking the question: "Is this
the most important thing that I can be doing now for me or for the
organization?" Both aspects of the question need to be present! If only
one is answered in the positive, THEN it is still the wrong activity!

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