Re: Substituting computers for people LO173

Keith Cowan (
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 21:25:36 -0500 (EST)

> Davis and Botkin in their book, "Monster Under the Bed", make the
> argument that education is changing too rapidly for school systems to
> keep up, and consequently businesses will become the major purveyors of
> education. This is the "knowledge business" they discuss. Are they
> correct? I confess that the pace of change in technology and its
> applications to education leave me breathless. No sooner do I have my
> classes using Maple, than someone is offering to sell me a notebook
> front end.
> From: Marty Rosenzweig <>

I agree that the learning paradigm is changing rapidly. The internet itself
is now a major source of learning through lists such as this (Can you
imagine earning credits for interactions such as this? Why not?).

We made a point a crediting involvement in international electronic
technical forums as a credit towards yearly education days in a previous
technical support organization I managed. The credits were earned based
upon contribution and the number of participants seeking advice from the
contributor. Ironically, the eMail network lended itself to such analysis
easier than voice systems at the time. What is our education system doing
to accommodate this new medium?

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