Re: Substituting computers for people LO78

Joseph O'Connor (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 08:18:39 GMT

In message LO32 Myrna Casebolt writes:
> On the
> other hand, a morphic resonance (concepts of Sheldrake et al) could
> seep into our consciouness and overtake (euphemistacally!) this awful
> naggin fear of not having control..

Yes managers think they have control. The paradox is that the
more they have people reporting to them, piles of paperwork to
do and lots of questions to answer (which could easily be
answered down the line if the people there were empowered to do
so) the less control they have in reality.
Nothing is happening slowly.

The first step is to realise you don't have control anyway, and
then the second step is to get those people out networking
taking initiatives, team working, taking responsibility,
learning on the job, and then telling you about what they have


Joseph O'Connor