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Another take on learning environments looks at the dysfunction people
carry from their often dysfunctional family environment. Some carry
"excess baggage" with them and no matter how safe the outer environment,
they still can't trust the value of constructive action or have never
learned or had the right direction to find or set their own personal
mastery path.

While people struggle for survival, it takes a challenging mindset to move
into an actively learn. Dealing with vulnerable people and reinforcing
their independence as they seek new territory requires a high degree of
sensitivity, time and concern. Mentoring on an individual and group basis
can support a person as they reach for new insight and set an action plan.

Healthy Communities is an example of a group support for getting the
community right. One of its goals is to foster communication, dialogue
and positive action toward the growth of the community. Positively
impacting a community takes everyone's involvement. This is not possible
so the next step has to do with slowly expanding the focus and influence
of the core group. Kevin Murphy


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