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William J. Hobler, Jr (
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 19:08:25 -0500

Replying to LO12250 --

Much of what Hal Croasmun says about creaing a safe environment for
learning rings true to me. I think though, leaders must go beyond simply
making it safe. Hal said

>But if they have total safety, they are often willing to try new
>behaviors. If they know they will never be criticized, they will try
>those new behaviors many times.

Why not take it a step further. Don't criticize -- congratulate. If the
new behavior is one step forward urge them to take the next step.
Leadership is not simply allowing something to happen. It has the
responsibilty to make the next step easier.

Hal comments on one of the many good Mnr AM de Lange posts as follows

>I love this term sponsored safety. People don't come equipped with their
>own safety for learning. In fact, many of them are so critical on
>themselves that they refuse to take risk even when there is no

Again I think we must lead people out of their self criticism. Here is
the area in which leaders must be most sensitive, most perceptive. Even
the most self critical person will make a small step outwards. A simple
supporting comment will work wonders. To a reticent clerical worker, "I
noticed that you reworded my letter yesterday. Thanks, it was better."

Let me tell you something, I may not think that the letter was any better.
But if I could bring the creativity out of someone at such small cost --
I'll invest it.



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