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Thu, 30 Jan 1997 03:24:35 -0500 (EST)

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Lon Badgett says,
> analysis requires data, discipline, knowledge and motivation.

I agree. I have been re-reading Dr. Deming's "Out Of The Crisis" and
found it interesting to remember what he says when he talks about the
system. The workers who are performing errors should not be analyzed with
the assumption that they are the problem. It is the system that should be
analyzed and determined if it is in a state of statistical control. If it
is then only management can do something about it. If on the other hand
it is found that the system is not in statistical control, then the
workers and management should work to eliminate the special causes to
variation that are causing the problem. I needed to remember that Dr.
Deming, Juran both talk about 85 % of the problems are management
controllable and 15 % are the workers. We cannot do anything but
determine by analysis and statistical methods the source of the errors and
to what part of the system they pertain to i.e. common system causes or
special causes.

Linda Ortberg
Associate Prof.
Tarrant County Junior College
Ft. Worth, TX


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