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Robert Seton (zuleika@seton.se)
Thu, 30 Jan 1997 09:26:40 +0200

Replying to LO12244 --

> Hello! My name is Ian Yeoman and I am researching for a Ph.D. in Soft
> Operations Research techniques. I am modelling whether the process and
> techniques produce a consensus or dialogue approach in work groups.
> Q. How can you measure consensus or dialogue output? Who has published
> in this area?
> Q. What are the differences between sensitivity training and a
> dialogue approach?
> Q. What are the major limitations / problems with a dialogue approach?

Hello Ian and others.
May be this could get you a bit futher in your thoughts.

About consensus.
As i see it consensus is just one of many ways to make descisions. It comes
to its best use when the outcome of the descision effects everybody in the
team in the same way. Otherwise the team should decide in consensus how
many members must agree before the team shoud vote. For example 75 % must
agree. So the team should always first decide how they shall make
decsicion, according to situation, topic, subject etc.

Best regards
Robert Seton from Sweden.


zuleika@seton.se (Robert Seton)

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