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Roxanne S. Abbas (75263.3305@CompuServe.COM)
25 Jan 97 06:44:47 EST

Replying to LO12148 --

Ian Saunders wrote:

>Perhaps we might give feedback to those seem to have good ideas lost in
>long messages or tantalise because of brevity.
>Whilst not wishing to prevent anyone posting messages how they want if I
>want something different, because this would make it more effective for me
>I have a responsibility to do something about it. And the receiver of my
>feedback is perfectly entitled to ignore my request.

I think this is a great idea. I have been working on developing my skills
in giving feedback and this would give me an opportunity to practice and
perhaps get feedback on how I give feedback.

Several months ago there was a frequent contributor whom I regularly
deleted without even opening her messages. I did this because she
regularly advocated a position that I felt was antithical to a systems
perspective and presented her opinions as facts. I felt that I should
explain this to her but I was disappointed with my efforts to express
myself and finally gave up.

Hope others are also interested.


Roxanne Abbas 75263.3305@compuserve.com

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