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Ian Saunders (tpians@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Thu, 23 Jan 97 17:39 GMT0

Replying to LO12094 --

Perhaps we might give feedback to those seem to have good ideas lost in
long messages or tantalise because of brevity.

Whilst not wishing to prevent anyone posting messages how they want if I
want something different, because this would make it more effective for me
I have a responsibility to do something about it. And the receiver of my
feedback is perfectly entitled to ignore my request.

I wonder how much developmental feedback takes place within this list. I
have received some delightful general comments about "like and value your
postings" which I value enormously.

What do we learn from this list and what do we change??

I know that following Rick's request that we consider the
worth/value/appropriateness of our messages going to 2000 people I have
been more thoughtful about what I post.

Any other suggestions about how we can use this list to effectively learn
about us, how we learn, what we change beyond the valuable information and
ideas and insights??


Ian Saunders
Transition Partnerships - Harnessing change for business advantage


tpians@cix.compulink.co.uk (Ian Saunders)

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