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Tue, 21 Jan 1997 12:10:25 -0800

Replying to LO12085 --

Replying LO list as practise field? LO12085
"Malcolm Burson" <mooney@MAINE.MAINE.EDU>

Triggered by above author's observation,
I wish to make a humble attempt to describe
LO Forum Thinking Pattern.

1.0 Variety of Topics, also Fragmented
2.0 Some Discussion seems to get caught in whirlpool,
going round and round, without any breaththrough
3.0 Some make attempts to breakout, with new Title, but
no follow through by others, some with new ideas but
without strong / impactful new Title and no follow
through either

What Maybe Missing?

1.0 What is the VISION and MISSION of the LO FORUM?
LO Definition was made and discussed, but, IMHO, the
PURPOSE not well crystalized.
2.0 Alignment and Intergration process to the VISION / MISSION
is not clear with effective mechanisms.
3.0 Collective Leadership Role-play again is absent or not
well projected e.g. in facilitation, steering, leading etc.

As a result of the above, one may have a feeling of "coffee-shop"
talk (in Asian culture) or "Bar-talk" (in western), though
there are a lot of little little ideas / enlightened thought that
benefit forum participants in one way or another.

Just an Observation, You views please.


Andrew Wong
Organisation Observer and Thinker
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