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On 17 Jan 97 at 21:57, Richard Karash wrote:

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> On Thu, 16 Jan 1997, Richard Karash wrote:

> I've been thinking about this a little more... I suspect the people who
> have the skills and software to handle volume email are able to respond
> right away (say the next day); others who have less control of their email
> then tend not to respond because someone else has... They may feel a they
> are permanently a few days behind.

>From another angle, I often find the length the length of the positing has
a relationships to the clarity of the posting. Some of the best readings
rest in short messages which present points of view on specific threads.
The points are presented in a clear, concise argument. Some of the *not
so interesting readings* are long, not well structured and hard to follow.
Hence, the software should not be singled out as a problem.

Could it be, in an effort to make a point, we often fail to present a
structured argument which others can follow?

Something to think about.


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