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W.M. Deijmann (winfried@universal.nl)
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Ethan J. Mings wrote in LO12084:

>From another angle, I often find the length the length of the positing has
>a relationships to the clarity of the posting. Some of the best readings
>rest in short messages which present points of view on specific threads.
>The points are presented in a clear, concise argument. Some of the *not
>so interesting readings* are long, not well structured and hard to follow.
>Hence, the software should not be singled out as a problem.
>Could it be, in an effort to make a point, we often fail to present a
>structured argument which others can follow?

Sometimes it's just a matter of not being a native speaker in a foreign
language like English. Or like Goethe once wrote to Schiller in a letter:
"I don't have much time, so I write you a long letter....."



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