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Javi Lozano (Javi_Lozano@socintec.com)
15 Jan 97 10:58:42

This message address the issue of improving management of innovation
critical areas within virtual learning organizations: how to improve
complex RTD projects.

Currently I am working with the European Comission in identifying and
promoting the use of new methods and software management tools specially
adapted to being used under a cooperative RTD project framework. In that
sense, I am looking for (preferably software based) tools related to the
following themes:

- Identification of strengths and weaknesses of innovation projects or
new products, success factors checking,

- Project preparation, focusing in tools that incorporate marketing
criteria since earlier stages of the project,

- Project management: We are basically looking for specific applications
regarding team building (eg. cross functional teams, intercultural

I would very much appreciatte any information that could help me to
identify innovative software tools, methods or techniques useful in a
multiparner research project context.

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Javi Lozano <Javi_Lozano@socintec.com>

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