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Thu, 16 Jan 97 11:00:28 EST

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I recommend the Questmap software product from Corp Memory Systems, Inc.
to share team learnings and promote innovation. You can find their web
site at URL: http://www.cmsi.com:80/business/info/

Other software might include the WWW server software for brainstorming and
multi-criteria analysis and ordering called Consensus @nyWare from Soft
Bicycle Company (makers of "Social Software" -- their term). They also
make Survey @nyWare a WWW survey tool and another WWW tool for "Balanced
Scorecard" metrics. Their homepage is: http://www.softbicycle.com/

Good luck in your project.

RJ Glitz, LtCol, USAF
Andrews AFB, MD
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From: Javi Lozano <Javi_Lozano@socintec.com>, on 1/15/97 10:58:

... In thatsense, I am looking for (preferably software
based) tools related to thefollowing themes: - Identification of strengths
and weaknesses of innovation projects ornew products, success factors
checking, - Project preparation, focusing in tools that incorporate
marketingcriteria since earlier stages of the project, - Project
management: We are basically looking for specific applicationsregarding
team building (eg. cross functional teams, interculturalmanagement).

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