Re: Fadism LO136

Cathie Leavitt (
16 Feb 95 12:57:34 EST

Replying to LO109:


Liked your article. I agree that American managers (and probably most of
the rest of us) are uncomfortable with changing the way we think and
challenging our basic assumptions. After all, if the system works for us,
why challenge it? For me, the motivation to examine my assumptions has
grown out of the pain and hollowness of living a life out of balance with
natural laws. Challenging my deepest assumptions about work and people is
scary. These assumptions have formed the ground of my life until now; if I
challenge them, I start to feel the ground shaking beneath me. Who will
save me then? (We are so accustomed to believing in an external source of
salvation: a new theory, belief, system of government, way of doing
business, the right job, the right relationship.) Unless I have some inner
source of courage to confront my pain and see what is true, I will retreat
to the comfort of my illusions. The real question is, how do I develop
this kind of courage? Can I help my friends, co-workers, and my child to
develop it?

Cathie Leavitt