Re: Commitment/McMaster LO137
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 14:54:42 -0500

On Feb 16, 1995 1:23 am McMaster wrote:

I haven't met a senior manager who lacked commitment. (I'm willing to accept
that there are some.) But I've met many who have lacked understanding and
while they know what they want are unable to produce the result for
themselves or in others.

And I comment:

Michael, this and the rest of message were marvelous. Right on target. The
cop out has gone on far too long. When things don't work the way I want them
to then it is my shortcomings that are at fault--not someone elses. Most
people just don't have sufficient self-reliance to be able to discount
themselves to this degree and tolerate it.

What I have found more often than not though was not that it was a lack of
commitment or what I didn't know that led to my downfall. It was more a point
of what I didn't know I didn't know.

keep writing Micahel, your comments make me think...
Gene Bellinger....

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