Places Seen in Ecuador February 12-28, '99

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Lodgings, in chronological order
We had electricity everywhere except Bellavista, and we had private bath everywhere.

Bellavista Lodge <25k> is a thatched geodesic dome.
The porch at Bellavista. <16k> At the feeder pictured we had Buff-tailed Coronet & Collared Inca hummingbirds.

Other good birds we had from the porch were Beatiful Jay, Crimson-mantled Woodpecker, & Flame-faced Tanager.
Roof gazebo at Carmelo Lodge. <25k> Herman told Eva "It's so iteresting up there!"
when he returned at dusk to the room where Eva had spent a portion of that rainy afternoon reading.
Termas de Papallacta <16k>
Bathing in hot springs <14k> .
Natural hot springs <21k> just bubbled out of the earth near a rushing mountain stream.
Cabanas San Isidro <16k> Cosanga, Ecuador. Eastern slope, 7000 ft.
Audio tape (packaging) <18k> of the birds of San Isidro, by Mitch Lysinger
Carmen Bustamante <7k> manages San Isidro & is Mitch's wife.
Orchid Paradise <17k>, Archidona, Ecuador.
Sacha Lodge <21k> at dusk
Chefs at Sacha Lodge <21k>
Dining room at Sacha Lodge <19k> .
Mack, Oscar, Herman & Stauffer <23k> birding from the Sacha tower.
The Bus Stops Here
long enough for a meal during the 6 hr. Tena->Coca run.

Thatched restaurant <19k>

Complete with hammock <29k>
Exterior of the outhouse <14k>
Porcelain <18k> inside!
Kitchen Annex <25k>


Building <24k> Quito's colonial center is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site.
Quito's planetarium & weather station <24k>
Painted shadow <9k>
"Thank you for not pissing on the wall" <17k>
Herman in Quito <24k> (watercolor look)
Juan Pablo II statue at La Basilica <24k> (watercolor look)
Statue of Simon Bolivar <26k> in the Parque La Alameda. (chalk & charcoal look)
Frigate bird pin <21k> from the wonderful Olga Fisch Gallery.

This frigate bird is carved from a Tagua nut, the seed of a palm tree. Objects made of this "vegetable ivory" are reminiscent of scrimshaw, & environmentally friendly, as they are a renewable resource from the rainforest.

Ecuador is deservedly known for its crafts.

A 5 minute walk from the Olga Fisch Gallery was La Choz, our favorite Ecuadorian restaurant in a city of good restaurants. It's Av. 12 de Octubre 1955.

Miscellaneous Snapshots of Ecuador:

There's a simple column ladder of notched bamboo <20k> to the right of the gate.
Wide load on a narrow road <10k>
House <16k> on Loreto viewed through the bus window.
Another house <23k>
I thought this church bell was neat. <10k>
House near Tandayapa <29k> festooned with flowerpots.
Coca <19k> is an oil-boom town of 25,000
Pig carcass <12k> in San Miguel de los Bancos
Volleyball <19k> in Mindo, snapped through the car window.

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