Buterflies & Moths Photographed in Ecuador February 12-28, 1999

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Photographed in the Wild

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The first three were photographed during an 8 hour walk on a muddy track near Carmelo Lodge, at 7000 ft on the Western slope of the Andes near Mindo. The first butterfly, the red & black one, is the "Stupid Butterfly."

The striped moth (butterfly?) was on the porch of our lodgings at Papallacta (10,000ft, Eastern slope);

The black & white one is literally on the road near Bellavista Lodge (cloud forest, Western slope)

The moth (?) on the bluish rock, & the red, black & green butterfly (genus Helliconius) were photographed at Cabanas San Isidro (Eastern slope, 7000 ft).

The 89-98 butterfly, which I last saw in Trinidad (where I photographed the 89 side ), is common on the Loreto Road between Tena & Loreto. The black & blue butterfly was also photographed there.

Photographed at the Butterfly Farm at Sacha Lodge

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The first butterfly looks like an owl when its wings are spread, which no doubt discourages predators.

I'm calling the third butterfly Hypothyris Anastasia (I welcome corrections). Here are two more (20k) (Copulating?); And another individual (20k).

The fourth is Methona Maxima. Here's one with wings spread (16k).

The 5th butterfly, like Methona Maxima, is transparent. Information would be welcome about the identity of this butterfly & the next five.

The last butterfly, with the gossamer smokey wings & red tail markings is Parides Lysander.

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Trinidad I photographed a few butterflies there too.

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All pictures were taken with my Sony Mavica digital camera
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