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Essays & Online-Collections

These are NOT just links. Some essays are long, some are hypertext; some are just a few pictures.

Letterpress Printing -- Definition, References
Etherington & Roberts. Dictionary--letterpress printing
The Collection of the Museum of Printing
This site's online annotated collection catalog, organized as a tour of an imaginary print-shop.

History of Printing

Library of Congress Rare Books and Special Collections: An Illustrated Guide
Type -- definition, pictures
Nice, elementary, pictorial definition of Type terms.
The Printing Press -- Definition, Pictures
Nice, elementary, pictorial distinction between horizontal/cylinder and platen/upright presses.
Glossary of Typographic and Printing Terms 404?
Glossary of Typographic & Printing Terms. This glossary of terms associated with the typesetting and printing industries was put together as a series...
Nice glossary of letterpress printing and typographical terms.
The history of printing (Jones/DigitalCentury)
History of Books and Printing (NYPL)
New York Public Library's on-line resources.
Media History: Printing and Print Culture History
Textual Studies Resources
Textual Studies Resources. Trudy Mercer's Eclectic Edition. This is the homepage for Trudy Mercer. You will find resources for textual studies,...
Print History. lesson3
Resource Center. for Lesson 3: Print History Web Links and Resources. Original Text of the "Print History" Internet Activity for...

504Engraving 504:

The Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP)
Bureau of Engraving and Printing - B E P - US government securities - Federal Reserve notes - US postage stamps - printing money - currency... aka

404The Origin of Newspapers 404:

From Chisels to Chips: Some Backgrounds of Print Technology
404Connections: The Printing Press
History of Technology - How did we get here, what matters, and what doesn't. D History of Technology - How did we get here, what matters, and what doesn't. Diffusion of Innovations, Connections, and much much more....
Manuscripts, Books, and Maps: The Printing Press and a Changing World
A capsule history of typesetting
Sponsored by an Collectible Ephemera shop.
History Buff's Reference Library -- Publishing Technology Articles
Sponsored by an Collectible Ephemera shop.
Virtual Press Museum
Briar Press's collection of press photos.

Personalities and Vignettes: People in Printing Trades

Items from printing history on people's roles and other such.

History Buff's Reference Library -- Newsboys History Articles
404Tramp Printers 404:
Table of Contents, Tramp Printers, the story of traveling printers who roamed Exerpts from the book ...
Tramp Printer history, Tramp Printers, the story of traveling printers whoroa Excerpts from the book Tramp Printers...
This is a printing office
Paul Beajon / Beatrice Warde 's famous printing house poster.
Old Phototypesetter Tales
Isaiah Thomas
500Ben Franklin, Printer 500:

500Benjamin Franklin - Glimpses of the man 500:
What an Idea, Ben Franklin! What an Idea, Ben Franklin! An Internet Hotlist on Ben Franklin. created by Mrs.White Columbus Elementary. Introduction | Video | Scavenger hunt |...
Childhood of Famous Americans Last Updated: 01/07/00. Click here to purchase Childhood of Famous Americans books. Childhood of Famous Americans. This list is in alphabetical order...

?search?title:"Benjamin Franklin - Glimpses of the man"
Glossary of Terms used in Benjamin Franklin: Glimpses of The Man Resources Visit the Museum Programs Partnerships Legacy About Us Friends Glossary of Terms. anode. the electron-collecting area of an electron tube;...
Benjamin Franklin - Glimpses of the man WWW Virtual Library for the history of science, technology and medicine - Benjamin Franklin - Glimpses of the man...
Education World® : Site Reviews: Benjamin Franklin : Glimpses of the Man Education World (R) Search Engine. Where Educators Go to Learn. The surfing is over. Here you will find the best education links and original content

Typographers (profiles by Nenne)
Swedish typographer Nenne's illustrated profiles of typographers Beatrice Warde (and her pseudonym Paul Beajon), Ruari McLean, and Eric Gill; and of designers
Barney Bubbles, Terry Jones,Paul Rand (IBM logo),and Trickett & Webb.
Typographic Visionaries
Graphion's Online Type Museum site includes critical biographies with samples for William Caxton, Aldus Manutius, William Caslon, John Baskerville, Giambattista Bodoni, Frederic W. Goudy, Eric Gill, Jan Tschichold.


404Dwiggins Collection UMD 404:
This is UMD's collection of Dwiggins first editions.
Dwiggins BPL RBR
Dwiggins personal effects (books, tools, inventions, works in progress) are at the Boston Public Library Rare Book Room. They have recreated Dwiggins's Hingham studio in an annex. The Dwiggins material is not on this webpage however.
Typecase Layout Collection
The Alembic Press has created an on-line showcase of various lays of the Type case. Particularly recommended!
Graphion's Online Type Museum
Old Phototypesetter Tales
Cuts and Caps
Briar Press's collection of PostScript files made from letterpress cuts (dingbats and small pictorials) and caps (decorative capital letters). Excellent site! now with searchable database. [2002-07]
Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography
Survey of the State of the Art in Human Language Technology (NSF)
Topic Paper for CPSC 547 (Page 1/3)

Link pages

Better than average lists of links.

Media History: Printing and Print Culture History
My older browser didn't like this site's graphics, but it looks well researched if you're browser is new enough to view it.
404Letterpress Links 404:
Letterpress Links Other Links of Interest to Letterpress Afficiados (List compiled by Valerie Coombe)

traditional book arts | Links & Information | Letterpress Links Letterpress Links. Alembic Press DMA - P L A N T I N - M O R E T U S HOT METAL HOME PAGE Friends of the Museum of Printing Graphion's Online Type...
Letterpress Links Bosshard's Printing Primer. The Letterpress Pages. Digital Letterpress Digital Letterpress is an all letterpress printing office based in Austin,...

Cesto's Links

404Oak Knoll Press Listing of Printing-related institutions 404: Located 3000 feet above sea level on Palomar Mountain where the water, air are clean and fresh.... Dealers of antiquarian and new books about books, bibliography, book history, and book arts....
Not just museums.
SHARP: The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
SHARP sponsors an on-line mailng list,
404BJ's Links to Graphic Arts on the Web 404:

Seattle Bindery: Industry Web Sites of Interest
LETPRESS Mailing List --
Fairly active. You must subscribe to post to this list. Send message to listserver containing

SUBSCRIBE firstname lastname
to subscribe; it will send you some explanation.

Museums and Working Shops

There are a few large museums devoted to printing over the ages.
There are many many smaller print shops museums
embedded within larger historical institutions, typically devoted to one period.
There are also many working shops not connected to institutions that function both as museums and fine job printers.

International / Regional non-USA

404Gutenberg Museum (GER)(DE) 404:
?fix? Gutenberg und seine Zeit] [Die Gutenberg Bibel] [Die Erfindung Gutenbergs] [Gutenberg Museum Mainz] [Gutenberg im Medienzeitalter] [Gutenberg 2000]...
The museum for Gutenberg, inventor of alphabetic letterpress technology.
Plantin-Moretus Museum (Belgium)
Authentic Incunabula period history from an original publisher of printed books,
still in business at the same site 500 years later.
A Hundred Highlights from the Koninklijke (NL)
The Alembic Press (UK)
A top-rated private press.
Online resources include all known variant typecase layouts.
Briar Press Home (UK)
On-line resources include pictures of many kinds of presses and of "cuts and caps", and want-ads.
404Amberley Printing Works (UK) 404:
A building in a period crafts-history village.
404Science Museum, London - Printing and Papermaking (UK) 404:

The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking is an internationally renowned resource on the history of paper and paper technology. The Advent of the Paper Machine. Nicholas-Louis Robert. In 1798, the Frenchman Nicholas-Louis Robert (1761-1828) invented a prototype of a machine on... INUSA Tour Guide. Robert C Williams American Museum of Papermaking. Atlanta, Georgia. Paper is a part of our lives, and most of us take it for...
American Museum of Papermaking The American Museum of Papermaking. located on the ground floor of the Paper Tricentennial Building on the corner of 10th and Hemphill streets, the...
?fix? The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking. It is said that each person in the United States consumes about 675 pounds of paper a year. We...

Museum of Banking and Printing (Lyon FR)
No web page for the Museum itself is known, but it is listed on two tourist listings. The other listig follows.
Museum of Banking and Printing (Lyon FR)

404NMSTC Printing and Typesetting (ON CA) 404:
Canadian National Museum Science & Technology, Hull QU / Ottowa, ONT.
Melbourne Museum of Printing (AU)
504Korean Printing Heritage (Embassy, USA) 504:
In the Korean Embassy in Washington DC; cross-listed under International for regional interest.
404Bibliography: Korean's Early Printing Culture 404:

History of the Book in Australia

California, USA

404The Huntington Library & Botanical Gardens: tours 404: The Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens features 150 acres of breathtaking gardens, three art galleries and a library of rare... The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation. About the Foundation | Site Visits | Grant Information. The Huntington Library, Art Collections and...
This major cultural institution has a fine print shop, which is included on some tours.
This institution has commissioned private letterpress fonts from the best designers.
404International Printing Museum (IPM) 404:
?search?International Printing Museum (IPM)
The Lindner Collection is one of the major collections. In Buena Park, CA
500IPM: A tourist review 500:

History Museums of San Jose, California (SJHM)
A working village with a print-shop.
SJHM: Visitor Information
SJHM: Map to get there (public access site)
SJHM: Artsnet's review listing

Rest of USA

500Museum of Printing History (TX) Board Taps Museum of Printing History as New 'Home' Following its annual planning retreat on Jan. 16, Press Club of Houston board members voted to...
1324 West Clay Street, Houston, Texas 77019; Phone 713-522-4652. Hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.
Free. No Official web page known. Newest major collection Is it ???
504Korean Printing Heritage (Embassy, USA) 504:
In the Korean Embassy in Washington DC; cross-listed under International for regional interest.
404Harris, Presses in the [Smithsonian NMAH] Collection (DC) 404:

Friends of the Museum of Printing, Boston (MA)
Us! Until we have our own building, our Collection is only available by appointment to visiting scholars, luminaries, and benefactors.
FOMP Collection
Virtual depiction of the collection now on view at the "new" builiding.

Working Shops / Private Museums

500Williamsburg Imprints Program (VA) 500:
A truly working press in the most famous historical village.
South Street Seaport Museum (NYC NY)
A working press in a period social-industrial history village, in downtown New York.
403Living Museum of Letterpress Printing (WA) 403:
A working shop.
Roy M. Chatters Boomerang Newspaper and Printing Museum (WA)
The Excelsior Press Museum of Printing (NJ)
Lawton Printers - Museum (FL)
A historical exhibit in the plant of a modern print shop.
Other Historical Villages with print shops
Sturbridge Village, MA (historical village)
Shelburn, VT (eclectic historical village; large newspaper press?)
State Historical Park, Washington County, Arkansas (historical village)
[Please tell us of more, and of WWW links]

Libraries with relevant colllections

Cary Library: Printing History Collection (NY)
RIT still has one of the most important Graphic Arts programs in the country. Their Cary Library has an important collection on printing history and allied graphic arts.
404Dwiggins Collection UMD 404:
Boston Public Library
The Dwiggins collection (In the Rare Book Room, but not listed on it's WWW page)

Providence Public Library

the D.B. Updike Collection (typography)

Related-Trades' Museums

404Dwiggins Collection
?search?title:"Dwiggins Collection"
Dwiggins Collection W. A. Dwiggins Collection. William Addison Dwiggins (1880-1956) is best remembered by his many friends and associates as a gentle, modest, and... WAD was a calligrapher, type designer, typographer, book designer,...

American Museum of Papermaking
404Galleries - Printing and Papermaking 404:
?no results! title:"Galleries - Printing and Papermaking"
?search?"Galleries - Printing and Papermaking"
?fix? Science Museum Galleries Printing and Papermaking The development of printing from clay tablets to the modern press. A range of mechanical presses;...
?fix? Web en Papeterie et en Imprimerie Web en Papeterie et en Imprimerie. Sites web en papeterie. Lieux de formation en sciences graphiques. Organismes de recherche. Entreprises....
?fix? Media History: Printing and Print Culture History net links. oral & scribal culture. printing & publishing, journalism, photography, advertising, comics. telegraphy, telephony, sound recording....
?fix? PRINTING HISTORY PRINTING HISTORY. Any comments, questions?? SOTA: The Society of Typographic Aficionados. exists to...
?fix? David's Links Design. Book Arts. PG Home Page. Science and the Artist's Book. Fine Press Bookshop Online. The BookWeb. Peter Verheyen's Book Arts Web. ABAA...

Guide to Broadsides -- Collection
Am.Printinghouse for the Blind Museum


These ARE links to lists of web-links for printing-related museums.

[504 on]

AltaVista MarketSpace - Museums on the Web
Yahoo! - Entertainment and Arts:Museums and Galleries
404Oak Knoll Press LISTING of Printing-related institutions Dealers of antiquarian and new books about books, bibliography, book history, and book arts....


American Amateur Press Association
SHARP: The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading & Publishing
Internet Mailing List sponsored by Sharp.
Stanford Book Arts program/A>
Mailing list sponsored by Stanford Book Arts.
American Antiquarian Society
American Amateur Press Association
American Printing History Association Home
The American Printing History Association. About APHA Printing History Regional Chapters Activities Calendar Join APHA Site Search. What's New. The...
PINE (Printing Industries NE)

New & Current Processes

404Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Printing:Machinery 404:

Newhouse Printing Equipment HomePage
"Seattle Bindery & Mailing" ...

Cesto's Designer's Guide (Mac-to-press book)
What Is Waterless Printing
"Gravolaser" gravolaser, le futur antérieur de la gravure...

504Bylines -- online publishing for deci-bucks 504:

Books and Booksellers

Booksellers specializing in Printing-related and Fine-press books.

Wilsey Rare Books
Oak Knoll Press
The Veatches' Arts of the Book
Good people; recently relocated from Long Island to Northampton MA.
Colophon Books

[504 on]
AABA Listing by specialty
The ABA website will provide a list of rare book dealers with a specialty in Printing and Printing History. This list will include some who only handle Private Press/Fine Press collectibles.
There are others who aren't WWW connected and aren't in the AABA's list either, inlcuding Printers Devil and
others in California.
See also the various letterpress resources listings.


See also under Letterpress resources.

Bibliography -- see also under Letterpress resources
404500 Years of Printing reprinted kknoll url:com url:lists url:cat600 url:prth url:html)

404Tramp Printers 404:

404Adobe Press:Stop Stealing Sheep 404:
Adobe Press Adobe tutorials, including the Classroom in a Book series, and general titles on digital video and design.

Stanley Morison: Selected Essays (CUP)
The Printing Press as an Agent of Change; Eisenstein, Elizabeth L.(CUP)

Paper making /pulp industry

American Museum of Papermaking
U.Toronto Pulp and Paper Chem.E program
UNB Pulp and Paper Centre
500Commission on Preservation and Access 500:
?search?title:"Commission on Preservation and Access"

Letterpress Resources

Printing as a hobby / Letterpress printing resources
My own selection
The Briar Press - Letterpress Classified
Excellent site. Now searchable database [2002-07]
Resources for Letterpress Printers -- Extensive!
American Amateur Press Association
Letterpress Links
Letterpress Links
Letterpress Links
traditional book arts | Links & Information | Letterpress Links
Letterpress Links Bosshard's Printing Primer. .

404The Letterpress Pages 404:
Printing Primer The world of printing, offset and letterpress ...
Leiden Centre for the Book: Links Home. This page in Dutch. Leiden Centre for the Book: Links. This list is ordered according to the Dutch library classification system, used in Dutch...

LETPRESS Mailing List
A mailing list for fine-art, jobbing, and hobby letterpress printers.
Send SUBSCRIBE firstname lastname in the message body to subscribe.
Archives of LETPRESS@LISTSERV.UNB.CA Green Dolphin Press, specializing in Letterpress printing, offers a website home to the Letterpress Frequently Asked Questions for beginners and...
CBBAG Book Arts Links W E L C O M E to one of the most comprehensive lists of book arts links on the Web, up since September of 1996 and modified numerous times since then...


A predecessor to the Ditto and the Mimeograph, it used gelatin as the transfer medium. As a compeitor to copy-ink, carbon-paper, and spirit duplicator, it was eclipsed by the xerographic photocopier.

Hecto tablets in SciFi fandom
Hectographic copiers were popular with early fan-produced magazines (Fan-Zines) as cheaper and easier than Letterpress. Mimeography eventually took over.
404Recipe for home-cooked Hecto gelatin 404:
?search?Recipe for home-cooked Hecto gelatin

404found in SciFi fannish lexicon 404:

Early MULTICS computer documentation was duplicated by Hecto.
404Dietzgen background: early product was hecto ink 404:

From Chisels to Chips: Some Backgrounds of Print Technology
404Burroughs Corp. inventory, 1958-1966, contains commercial hecto duplicators. 404:

404Commercial source 404:
?search?title:"Commercial source"
?fix? Commercial Source Information in SciFinder SciFinder. Commercial Sources. Over 570,000 substances accessed via SciFinder link to information concerning their commercial availability. This...



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