Plain Sweater

size 5 and 7 knitting needles,  baby yarn or angora

Worked in Double yarn throughout
Size 5 needles.  Cast on 38. Rib 5 rows change to size 7.
St St for 3 1/2 inches.
Split for armholes, K9 cast off 2, K16, cst off 2, K9
work on back right. St st till 4 1/2 inches total.
Cast off 4 stiches at the shoulder edge, put remaining 5 on sitch holder.
Work front 16 st to match back right casting off 4 st each side at 4 1/2 inches, 
put remaining 8 st on holder.
Work back left to coorespond to back right.
Pick up and rib 16 neck stitches for 1 inch, still using size 7 needles.

Cast on 12 Rib 5 rows size 5 
Change to size 7
knit 4 rows st st inc 1 each end, twice
knit 6 rows st st inc 1 each end (18 st)
at 4 inches cast off 2 stitches at the beginning of next two rows (14 st)
dec 1 each side, knit rows until 6 st remain (4 dec rows) 
Cast off

Sew shoulders and set in sleeves.

Plain Skirt

size 9 and 7 needles

size 9 needles and double yarn, cast on 32, st st 3 inches.
change to size 7 needles, rib 1 inch, cast off

sew up back seam 
single crochet around hem if it curls up.

Wendy McDougall / / 1998 March 6