Adele's Lounge Bar (To Paula Marie S.), by Geoffrey Cook

Reproduced by permission of the author
Photocopy courtesy of Water Row Books
Geoffrey Cook wrote this poem for Paula Marie Savarino as part of a longer Cleveland cycle, The Heart Of The Beast. The version reproduced above was published in 456, An Anthology Of Cleveland Poets (Cleveland: 7 Flowers Press, 1966), long out of print. The Heart Of The Beast was reprinted with an accompanying essay that Mr. Cook describes as "integral to the study" by the Hiram Poetry Review in 1995, and again circa 2005 (but without the essay) by Kirpan Press in Vancouver WA. Both of these are also out of print.

Mr. Cook would like to see The Heart Of The Beast, along with its full prose introduction, get back into print and is seeking a publisher. If you have any interest in the project (or know someone who might), email me and I'll put you in contact with the author.

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