A freeware heap

We were chasing memory problems through the STL, and shared memory segments, and strange places that the debugger wouldn't go. I got so frustrated by this that I wrote my own heap that I could validate and instrument.

We never used it. The next morning, we took a different approach and all the problems went away.

Here's the code. Maybe someone will find it useful.




If you need routines like calloc or realloc, you can build them on top of malloc and free.

The implementation is simple and low-performance. Nonetheless, it is probably adequate for many applications.

You could wrap the .h file in an extern "C" block to get a C interface. Porting the implementation down to straight C would be tedious, but straightforward.


Copyright 1999 by Steven W. McDougall. This code is freeware. It may be copied/modified/redistributed without restriction.
Steven W. McDougall / resume / swmcd@world.std.com / 1999 May 25