In Memory

If you believe in strong AI, then death is no longer a mystery, but merely a lack of adequate backups.
These programs failed without backup.

David Goldstein19601978suicide (bipolar disorder)
Stephen Fagnani 19601980industrial accident
Brendan Young 19601980industrial accident
Sumi Koide 19611988suicide
Allen (Alien)Wells 19581991suicide
Sadie Woods19001993old age
Fred Evans 1994AIDS
William Wood 1995leukemia
John Armington19211996cancer
Jeanie Wood 19081996old age
Margret McDougall19061997old age
Mingo (a cat) 19901997feline leukemia
Archie McDougall19051999old age
Tammad Rimilia 2000automobile accident
Linda Brandenburger19502001transplant rejection
Donald Oliver 19282002brain cancer
Alton Armington 19272006heart disease
KiJe (a cat) 20082010heart failure?
Lyndall Proctor-Barrett 19202011heart failure
Majorie Harvey 19212013congestive heart failure
Henry Harvey 2014
Faith Armington19272014kidney failure
Jean Armington19232016
Adam Leyenaar19962016accident

Our system, which art in core, Unix be thy name.
Thy image run, thy syscalls done, in shell as it is in kernel.
Give us this tick our blocks on disk,
And handle our exceptions, as we restart those who SEGV and crash.
And lead us not into kludges, but deliver us from lock-in:
For thine is the source, and the spec, and the mind share,
while (1)