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Are Kortron, Solinus, & Orvotron, FOR REAL?

I had this Jan/Feb issue of the Orvotron newsletter, as a file on my BBS since 1993. When I reread this article in 1995, I was surprised to see how much Kortron's words speak to today.

 > Bimonthly Newsletter
 > East Coast Power Point
 > Transformational Updates
 > January/February, 1990

I notice that in 1990 Kortron and Solinus were already in their own stages of "becoming" their real selves. A process that many light workers have been experiencing in the last year or so, was already in progress in Walter's and Judi's lives. Part of that process, is acting like it is real. The word "acting" means DOING some action. They were prACTicing the reality of who they are. Orvotron is designated as the "East Coast Power Point" and is only one of many others around the Earth. The site of the pyramid is an energetic vortex point that is used to collect the incoming fifth dimensional energies and redistribute them to the Earth's energy grids, and to her inhabitants and life forms. The newsletter also had a subtitle that indicates that the information contained within is a "transformational update". That transformation has been ongoing and also accelerating to the point, where now, in 1995, change is at a dynamically feverish pitch. This influx of higher vibrational energies, is the same that was prophesized in the Bible as the "outpouring of God's Spirit, in the last days". It is real, and Kortron and Solinus practiced that reality in 1990.

Today, I feel, that the push is for LightWorkers to open their own floodgates and let themselves "become" who they truly are; to ACT like it is Real. LightWorkers: It is time to be REAL. It IS real. It IS happening. Who we are, is part of the REALity, and who we used to be, is part of the crumbling illusion. Let it all hang out, Lightworkers! Don't be embarassed. Stop trying to fit in.... with the illusion; to do so, is to fight with your-Self. You don't fit in with that illusion, because you are transforming the person that society molded, into the person that you REALly are. Those people who are still mired in the illusion, NEED YOU to complete your transformation, so that YOU can show THEM, the WAY. You are the first-fruits, spoken of in the Bible. You are the wise virgins with the oil of TRUTH in their lamps. You are the wise servants who did not put their talents in the ground to return only what they were given, to their returning Master. Instead you have put your talents to USE (action), have earned interest in the form of adding more of the REAL you to the you that was born with a veil over your understanding. When the Master returns you will see Him as he Really is, and You will be JUST LIKE HIM. Remember how Jesus was after his Resurrection? That state of Christ Consciousness in the Body, is the same as your Ascension, in the Body.

 > Greetings Ascending Light People!

In 1990, the reality of our process of ascension was made plain; it was a given. This statement "affirms" for lightworkers what they were experiencing. It is important to congregate with other lightworkers, so that you may edify one another in your new realities. This mutual edification helps us in our becoming. We can practice who we are with others who are like us. When we are with those stuck in the illusion, we tend to "play act" like them; we conform. We must stop lying to ourselves. Jesus called it being "lukewarm". Either you ARE an ascending lightworker, or you ARE asleep.... which is it? I know that it is difficult not to offend your loved ones who may not be awakening, but your committment to being REAL, will only aid them, in the long run. Is that not so? Jesus said that if a man has a Light, he does not hide it under a bushel, but sets it on a mountaintop that all may see by the Light. Let your Light shine, always. You confuse your-Self, when you are one person with other lightworkers, and somone else when you are with those less awake. Be You.

 > Now that networking is all but complete in our worldwide web

In 1990, Kotron knew NOTHING about World-Wide-Web pages on the Internet. What is this worldwide web that he mentions? It is this very Web-Site, now, in 1995. The networking from Orvotron, via SearchNet, did not even begin until the Summer of 1993. Now that networking has reached a worldwide web page in the Fall of 1995, it is now, that networking is all but complete.

 > Now that networking is all but complete in our worldwide
 > web the very next step is one of getting everyone in the
 > Beam of the Ascending Light

What is this "Beam of Ascending Light"? I did not know until I met Winifred Barton. Winifred calls this beam, the MONOPOLE. The Monopole is the "Point of Balance" between Light and Dark. The Monopole represents the "Middle Path". The Beam of Ascending Light, is that position of knowingness, in which there is no GOOD and there is no EVIL, there just IS. This spot is a place of non-judgement; a place of acceptance, of allowing, of no-Karma. This spot is where the Christ Consciousness dwells. When you, lightworker, reach this state of understanding, you have Joy, Peace, and Balance. The Beam of Ascending Light is smack dab, down the Middle. When you are being in this position, you do not want to do battle against Dark Forces. When you are being at the Monopole, you do not "pretend" to be GOOD, just because you think that to be GOOD is what you are supposed to do. No, you are REAL. You are real to yourself. You are real to your feelings. You are real to your own will.

If you do not like someone, you know it. When you are real, you can, not like someone, and at the same time, you can actually LOVE the same person, and know the difference. When you are NOT real, you condemn yourself for not liking someone, because you think that you are supposed to like everybody to be GOOD. At the Monopole, there is no GOOD, and there is no EVIL, there just IS. Are you at the IS point? Are you real? Part of what I am talking about here, is what all that emotional body work was for. Your feelings express your true will; do you honor your feelings? Or do you JUDGE your feelings? The Monopole is the point at which their is NO DUALITY. There is no positive pole, and no negative pole. See now, why the word Monopole is used? This pole is a single pole, right down the very Middle - at the ZERO POINT. Remember your number line in math? ZERO is at the center, and the positive numbers are to the right, while the negative numbers are to the left.

  -2    -1    0    +1    +2

In Science the ZERO POINT is where all the energy comes into our manifest universe. The ZERO POINT is where all the power is. God our Creator infuses the Light and Life, into our manifest universe through the ZERO POINT that exists as the balancing point within ALL things. There is Stillness there. There is Peace there. God is there, at that POINT. That is where the Real You also resides, in God. That point is within you. Your goal is to gain both the understanding and the actual awareness (consciousness) of your beingness, at that point. Your attainment of Christ Consciousness will manifest at the Monopole of your beingness. The Beam of Ascending Light is shining down into our physical reality, from God the Creator. We lightworkers are MOVING ourSelves into that Beam.

 > Now that networking is all but complete in our worldwide
 > web the very next step is one of getting everyone in the
 > Beam of the Ascending Light as a Command.

What is meant by "Command"? First of all, notice that whoever constitutes a Command, has to already be in the Beam of Ascending Light. A person who assumes the position of a Command, must be balanced; at the Monopole, accepting, allowing, and non-judgemental. The Command position is one of leadership and direction. A Commander, in this sense, is a guide to the Monopole; even a Teacher; a Way-Shower.

 > Each of you will soon know the things which are very
 > essential to the transformation and your part in it.

Part of the function of the Commanders, is to inform the Lightworkers of essential understandings needed for their transformation. The Orvotron newsletter and SearchNet, are both transmitters of information to LightWorkers worldwide. This web page completes that outreach, at this stage. What are some of the essentials? How do you discover your part in the transformation? To find the answers to these questions, you need a clearing-house of information. The Command structure provides this clearing-house.

 > Networking, in itself, is inefficient if the very wrong
 > things flow into those passing information. Many, in
 > essence, were getting from others a lot of what they
 > passed on as channeled material and in the translation
 > much of the essentials important to the work in Earth
 > ascension was lost. This created a need for better
 > methods. It was decided to set up an Earth based Command
 > for the creation of new methods for the exchange of
 > information in the coming new reality. Information will
 > now be transmitted via commanders and other officers in
 > the Command so that those receiving information will get
 > it through a command structure which bypasses those who
 > feel the need to gather people around them that look up
 > to them as high souls in the work.

The function of this Command structure is to receive information from various sources and then to have persons discern the information from their position at the Monopole. These Commanders, then, can redistribute the synthesis of the data, by attaching their commentary to the information. In this process, the leading of the Spirit can be ascertained and shared with the LightWorkers. This process is the same one which informed you over two years ago, that you should be working on your emotional body. Everywhere you looked, you saw other LightWorkers who had received this same message. If you heeded that instruction from the Spirit, then, by now, you would be that much closer to becoming you, to positioning yourself at the Monopole.

The point of the Commanders, is not to set up someone to do your thinking for you. No, not at all. You can certainly go out and subscribe to many magazines, read many books, monitor many online discussion areas, go to many seminars, and determine for yourself in what "direction" the Spirit is leading us, in our Earth Missions. The point of this Command structure is for lightworkers to come together as a GROUP, and share all these sources of information. Then, the Commanders who are positioned at the balancing point, can share their perspective on the information, as guidance. Lightworkers may certainly accept or reject the guidance. The structure of making a networked clearinghouse for information provides an efficient and expedient way for lightworkers to be updated on where the Spirit is leading. Orvotron and SearchNet are just one of these Commands. Our strong presence in the online community necessitates that we CONNECT to other commands who are also online. In this fashion, Lightworkers can contact any command or commander for up to the minute updates on our Earth Missions.

 > None of you could possibly understand the reality versus
 > the illusion unless your eyes were completely open as
 > these changes manifested. Directives were the key "eye
 > openers" for this newly formed "knowingness" and "new
 > understanding".

The "directives" are the leadings of the Spirit. To discern these directives as they come forth from the Spirit, Commanders review information coming in, and simply look at the trends. This process, for example, alerted us that the Spirit was "directing" us to look at the "Feminine" aspect of the Creator. Yes, that consideration was a "directive" of the Spirit. To honor The Mother was an explicit directive of the Spirit. It was as though the Spirit said,

"now my Lightworkers, I wish for you to look to the Mother aspect in Creation. This is another piece to the puzzle that you need. This understanding is also 'essential' to your transformation."

How many of you reading this, remember last year, when the Spirit led us to look at the GODDESS? On SearchNet this directive was started by the postings of "The Way" writings. The call to WOMEN then brought out many female lightworkers who were knowing their part in the Mother. And when The Way writings "seemed" to promote battle and violence, that tact was "rejected" by the Command, and the "essential" directive to take notice of the Goddess Energy, was retained, and promoted as the next thing to learn, for lightworkers. This entire process was NOT done by just Walter Bartoo and Glenda Stocks. This process was done by ALL the people who contributed to discussing the issues at the time that we were made aware of the coming of the Goddess. It was this discussion and discerning process that synthesized the essential directive of the Spirit; "Behold, the Goddess comes!"

 > Because of networking your groups can be easily updated
 > more efficiently as it will allow you more interaction
 > with ones like yourself on Earth assignment.

 > ...Power points of vortex energy now held by these
 > Commanders are being opened. Commanders are now on Earth
 > bringing together organized efforts and clarity. Word is
 > passing in preparedness for this. Many of us have been
 > told to now move into your view for clarity definition
 > work as the time nears for your part in the ascension
 > work for Earth's next evolutionary step. Do you
 > understand?

Although written in 1990, I feel that we have only just achieved the kind of organization needed to fullfill these prophetic statements. It is now time for Kotron and Ladynada to move into your view for this clarity and definition work. We have placed ourselves in a position of the Monopole and in a position of receiving directives, so that we can INFORM you of where the Spirit is leading us. The answers, the directives, right now, in October 1995, are very simple.

Be you. Be real, now. You are not a pretend lightworker. You are not "going to" ascend.... you ARE ascending now. Go with the flow. The fifth dimensional energies are bathing us now, this very moment that you are reading this. Take those Lighted energies in. Cleanse off the self of the illusion, that the Real Self will manifest... more... and more.

There are other directives. One that is being discerned right now, in October 1995, is the directive to Restore The Mother to Her Right Place.... beside The Father, and with the Son. The message of the reality of the Mother of Creation is not being heard... enough... yet.

Another directive is that we are to create communities. We are to develop a new government with which to govern ourselves. We are to Consciously Create the way of life that we desire on Earth, just as though we had the power to do so... and we do.

As lightworkers act like who they really are, their becoming will accelerate. Their ascension process will speed up. As you get involved with lending your particular talents to creating Heaven on Earth, who you really are, will be more real to you. The process feeds on itself. The more real you act, the more real you become.

Continue to work on your emotional bodies. Honor your feelings. The Mother gave us the gift of intuition and feelings. You can know your own Will by taking notice of your feelings. Your feelings are your barometer of your will. Your thinking can tell you that you should not be angry, and that you are, therefore, NOT angry, because your thinking tells you that it is NOT GOOD to be angry. But.... what do your feelings say? Your feelings say that you are angry. So, then why do you allow your thinking to lie to you, about yourself? Why would you allow your thinking to cause you NOT to be real? This example can give you insight into how to work on your emotional body. The key is not to suppress or deny your feelings. Now, certainly there are precautions to be taken, in certain situations where your true feelings could lead you to harm yourself or someone else. So, that if you have these kinds of feelings to work through, you might do well to seek help from a therapist, or some other person to be with you, when you work these particular feelings. The point is, our job as Commanders, is to "guide" you to the Monopole, where you will merge with your Real Self. Your feelings were given to you as an expression of your Will, and your Will is an essential part of you, that you need for your ascension.

There are many more directives that we have received from the Spirit, in the last two years. Most of these will be revealed in the writings throughout these web pages.

 > A plan will now be instigated through which up to the
 > minute directives can reach those seeking this, plus
 > certain Centers will be Headquarters Commands for those
 > in receivership of these updated directives. These will
 > be shared in newsletters, updates, meetings and computer
 > bulletin boards.

Five years later, these plans have come to fruition in Orvotron and the SearchNet network. The thrust now, is to continue to LINK UP with other Commands. How? Linking Web sites is an excellent way to bring lightworkers their updates. Linking bulletin boards via SearchNet, Fidonet, and MufoNet, is another way. Connecting people via mailing lists on the Internet, is still another way. These connections among Commands, Officers in the Command, and lightworkers with their own missions, are happening right now. And please do not leave out the IRC channels!

 > All this will bring together those receiving new
 > directives and those in other areas of transformation
 > work. Interaction work can then add input in a defined
 > work area in the Sector Commands. This can now evolve by
 > making full use of the networks keeping all informed
 > right down to individual needs finally being met. This
 > was impossible in the past. Let us not applaud yet!

I think that now, five years later, we CAN applaud! Understand that no one's role is diminished. The goal is to help lightworkers move to that Balance Point, discover their Source Within, and complete their individual missions. Each person is needed in his full functionality. Each talent is represented by many lightworkers. Remember we wish to establish Heaven on Earth. Many, different talents are needed to create this new community of souls based on LOVE.

 > Now that we have reached this point there needs to be a
 > true spirit of cooperation between existing and forming
 > parts of this network. The previous lack of cooperation
 > hindered directives going out or getting to where they
 > needed to go resulting in where we are presently at. NO
 > of cooperation exists and is used (especially toward
 > those doing and getting little help from the many) as the
 > Earth based Commands form then much work can be
 > completed. It is important that this is understood. Do
 > you understand?

There is that point being made about supporting the Commands themselves. So many efforts ask for monetary support, and too many are nothing but scams designed to support the high, material living of a few, in the leadership. There is always the possibility of getting "soaked" by the organizers of populist movements. This risk is where discernment must be exercised to determine if the people you support are REAL or not. Orvotron, Kortron, Solinus, and Ladynada are REAL in their work to create Heaven on Earth, in Truth, Light, and Love. You must discern whether that is true to you or not. We DO need financial support. I, myself, have taken a leave of absence from work, for 10/1/95 through 1/2/96, in order to work on this mission, and especially these web pages. Kortron and Solinus support themselves on a veteran's pension and the donations of those who support their work. Our expenses include the costs for internet access, the web pages, the mailing lists, telephone bills for keeping abreast of information and running the Bulletin Boards, printing costs for the Life Times Newsletter, etc.

If you understand that our work is worthwhile and you are helped by our efforts, then please support our ability to continue, by sending a donation or subscribing to the Life Times newsletter. We will not be taking trips or driving fancy cars, but will still be right here, bringing you updates as our missions unfold.

Glenda Stocks
1214 Park St. # 187
Stoughton Massachusetts 02072

Judith A. Wells
1609 Stone Mountain Road
Vilas, North Carolina 28692

 > This Center is the Headquarters for the East Coast and
 > our function is to see that things keep progressing as
 > planned. Now is the time to ask and take your rank, duty
 > station and Starseed names. These individuals will have a
 > defined job to do. Some will not receive star names and
 > these will need to give support and assistance to the
 > chain of command in Earth ascension work. Your
 > Commander's name is Kortron and may be reached through
 > this Center. As you awaken you will be assisted as each
 > part relates to the whole. Everything outside of Earth
 > functions as a working whole. That is one requirement for
 > creating Heaven on Earth. Do you understand?

 > Those of you reading this with rank and star names (and
 > there are many) check in at this Command Center as we are
 > setting up for 1990 through the year 1995 for the East
 > Coast. Earth Councils will now start meeting and the
 > result will be actively put out to all the rest of you.

How did Kortron know? How did he know that in 1995, we would be exactly at the point of setting up our own, recognized, Earth Councils? The Spirit must have led Kortron to write those words. You know, these Earth Councils are not just fancy, smancy lightworker terminology. Do not we lightworkers want REPRESENTATION? Who will represent human-kind? Will the people who channel Sirians, Pleiadians and Ashtar, will these channels represent us? I say, NO. I welcome the assistance of OFF-World intelligences, but Consciously Creating Heaven on Earth, is OUR JOB. If the Earth Missions are completed, then we lightworkers will be the ones who DO the work. Not the Sirians. Not the Pleiadians. Not Ashtar Command. But Humans. Flesh and blood people who were born from the womb of a human woman. We will do it. We will establish our own Earth Councils to dialogue with other Earth organizations and with off-world councils. Do you want to be REAL? Then let's do it.

 > Sector Officers need to get their points of reference in
 > place as defined in their active job functions, plus set
 > up the needed support teams and open path flows of
 > communication. These also need to be firmly in place as
 > points of communication.

The points of communication online are through web sites, mailing lists, and BBS message conferences. Already, I have connected a new mailing list to a group of people who are REAL. Winifred Barton is involved with a group that has already established the beginnings of an Earth Council to represent lightworkers. Winifred has involvement in the United Nations, an Earth based organization that is already recognized by both humans and off-world intelligences, as legitimately representing Earth humans. Do you want a VOICE, in the United Nations? Winifred and I have created a private mailing list for Commanders - people who position themselves at the Monopole. Leaders and Directors. Guides and Teachers. There is an application process for admittance in this mailing list. Please see the galaxia page, for more information.

We are REAL people. We are serious about what we say. We are DOERS. Are you also a Doer? Do you wish to be Real. Simply, practice being you, and you will become, quickly.

 > Old habits are hard to break. This came in as the reason
 > many receiving were reluctant to give in return. Many
 > were holding fast to illusion, not quite believing it was
 > really happening and this created a doubt atmosphere.
 > This prevented needed support going out to the Centers
 > and those helping others who were beginning to awaken to
 > the new consciousness. This must change.

Lightworkers, please congregate together with other lightworkers. Did you know that the Bible teaches that God's children should edify one another? Join the lightworker-l mailing list, and talk to others like yourself. Join us on the IRC channel called #ascension, at any time of day, a lightworker is there. If you need to be informed about the issues before us, then join one of SearchNet's mailing lists or BBS message forums. You need to expose yourself to other people who are becoming their true selves, as you are. This interaction will make your process more REAL to you. You will be excited about what is happening to you, and all around you. You will have Joy and Peace, while those who sleep will have confusion and distress. Those people caught in illusion, NEED YOU; they need you to be REAL. Not lukewarm. Not mamby-pamby. Real. Serious. Walking the Walk. Talking the Talk. And Doing the Do.

 > I would like to say that doubt is our self made veil and
 > the real barrier to acceptance of change as it is created
 > in fear. If you are open to love then the veil drops as
 > thought is, and always will be, the creating force of all
 > experience in your life here on Earth. Progress is
 > stymied or opened by your ideas and thoughts. You're now
 > creating your reality. Only you through your free will
 > choice can totally open to reality by pushing aside fear
 > and doubt.

 > What is now needed is to "accept and allow". By doing
 > this and remaining open you will not be resisting the
 > energy frequency rises that many are stubbornly resisting
 > because of their fear of change.

 > To put it simply your specie is one that is very much
 > loved in its higher evolved form of "HU"man (Heavenly
 > Universal Man). 

 > This will be your choice alone. No one will or can make
 > that choice for you. Your heart is painting the picture
 > of your desire to become a part of the Creator's larger
 > Cosmic family.

 > A command structure is forming that you now need to affix
 > to as your part represents a piece of a Divine Puzzle
 > which will evolve into a grand picture.

 > Now is the time for sharing, giving and loving as the
 > Divine family we represent.

 > Peace and Love

 > Cmdr. Kortron

I can add nada to that. :)

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