Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 01:07:11 -0500

From: Lee Deviney <>

Subject: Trip Reports: Medina

Medina River from Medina, TX to Tarpley Bridge (Hwy 470)

Discharge at Bandera Gauge - 310 CFS

Distance - about 12 miles

When it's flowing, the Medina has some of the clearest water in the

Texas Hill Country. It's a pleasant trip, scenic with some class I-II rapids

and small waterfalls, but the adjacent highway noises

are a reminder that you aren't in a particuarly remote location. Debris

along the way was a reminder of a flash flood in mid-March.

While the Medina can be navigated at lower levels. 300 CFS is about

the minimum level to avoid dragging the shallow spots.

The only hazards along the way are low water bridges and a few

waterfalls and "S" turns that require a quick scout before running.

Take some caution after floods that can create logjams.

One other thing to think about. When the wind is blowing strong out

of the Southeast, there are some long straight sections that run

upwind. Fooling around and drinking beer my group made up two hours

on three newfangled whitewater canoes (you know, the kind with 12" of

rocker and enough airbags to double as a blimp) as they foundered in

the wind. This same group bailed out early and hitchhiked to avoid

being caught in darkness.

The Medina is a good river for general purpose recreational canoes

and kayaks that can track and turn reasonably well. Leave the foam

core racing boats and Class V whitewater stuff at home.

Fred Collins ("The Workshop") is still renting and running shuttles

although he plans to sell the Workshop but hopes to stay in the river

business. Fred was more enthusiastic about the flow than I.

It's all a matter of perspective I guess...the Medina is a small