Bergheim to Edge Falls Rd

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June 24, 2000. Nine Alamo City Rivermen paddled from Sultenfuss Crossing to Edge Falls Road Crossing with about 100 cfs. Almost 4 miles, the leisurely low-water float took almost 4 hours. Containing two of the nicest small rapids on the river, it was a fun run. We parked on the east side of the road on the north end of the bridge and dragged the boats down to the river and then shuttled the cars to the takeout on Edge Falls road. At 100 cfs, the water was just adequate. The route through the Rock Pile was 'river left' at the top and tight on the left shore almost at the bottom. Had one dump when someone took another route. Even at this low level, Dog Leg was easily do'able tight on the right shore to the 2 foot drop and then river center the rest of the way.

--Mike Fox