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Boston Chapter meeting, Spring 2006
Sabermetrics conference

program with some papers

Spring Regional, May 20

SABRBoston, the Boston chapter of the Society for American Baseball Research, presents a one-day conference on sabermetrics, the mathematical study of baseball statistics.

The conference will explore the origin of sabermetrics and feature research presentations on current themes within the discipline. John Thorn, noted baseball historian who pioneered the history of sabermetrics, will be the Guest Speaker. (With links to their websites) Presenters will include Steve Miller (sjmiller@math.brown.edu), David Grabiner (grabiner@alumni.princeton.edu), Andy Andres, Matt Gallagher, and Mike Gimbel (caiman@ptd.net).

A paper from THE Sabermetrician, Bill James, will be read. The conference will conclude with a panel discussion of the James paper featuring the willing authors and reader Tom Tippett, creator of the Diamond Mind Baseball simulation game.

The conference is open and free to the public.
No food and drink permitted in the Rabb; drinking fountains are outside.
There will be a 45 minute lunch break approximately at Noon.

   Seamus Kearney
   781 321-0681
Rabb Auditorium, Boston Public Library, Copley Square, Boston,
May 20, 10am-4pm

Sabermetrics Lineup

10:00  	Introduction

10:15  	Steve Miller          The Pythagorean Won-Lost Formula in Baseball  
                               slides academic paper

10:45  	David Grabiner        Do Clutch Hitters Exist?  

11:15  	Mike Gimbel           Lively Ball Era vs. Dead Ball Era - More Myth than Reality?

12:00  	Lunch

1:00   	Door prizes

1:10   	John Thorn            Zanzibar Cats: Discussion of Stats vs Story

2:10   	Andy Andres           Sabermetrics at Tufts University  
                               EX-013 course website

2:40   	Matt Gallagher        The Midseason Managerial Boost

3:10   	by Bill James         'Response to "Underestimating the Fog"' read by Tom Tippett
                               Underestimating the Fog, BRJ 33 (2004)

3:30   	with Tom Tippett      Discussion of Bill James paper

4:00   	Door Prizes

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