Pat Craig, President

Pat Craig's work in quality assurance sprang out of her experiences as a COBOL programmer followed by a Master's degree thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology which she completed in 1984. At M.I.T's Sloan School of Management, she developed her dissertation on increasing system development productivity through the use of fourth generation languages. Since then she has participated in over 25 large-system quality assurance projects frequently assuming the role of project leader.


Shelly Newman
Shelly Newman is a PC expert extraordinaire. If a program runs on a desktop, Shelly can figure it out. (Her computing degree certainly helps here!) Shelly is great at managing test environments, bug reporting systems, management reports, etc.


Mary Lewey
Mary Lewey is a detail-oriented professional specializing in tax software.


Jackie Grubb
Jackie Grubb's wide-ranging technical skills are the glue holding Complexity Management's hardware/software network together. Jackie's ten year experience in PCs include database consulting and programming in many environments, with a focus on Microsoft Access and the MS office suite of products.


Les Vail
Les Vail works part-time for Complexity Management keeping the office functioning smoothly. He maintains the contact database, prepares tax reports, and assists with marketing projects.


Complexity Management
Somerville, Massachusetts
In Metropolitan Boston
(617) 628-3339