The Oil Stability Index
Definition: All oils and fats have a resistance to oxidation which depends on the degree of saturation, natural or added antioxidants, prooxidants or prior abuse. Oxidation is slow until this resistance is overcome, at which point oxidation accelerates and becomes very rapid. The length of time before this rapid acceleration of oxidation is the measure of the resistance to oxidation and is commonly referred to as the ‘induction period, or Oxidative Stability Index.

The Omnion Oxidative Stability Instruments provide an instrumental determination of the oxidative stability of fats, oils and other organic materials, eliminating the time, inconvenience, hazards and errors associated with manual titrations. Continuous data monitoring (up to 24 channels simultaneously) ensures no missed endpoints.

Shelf Life Predictive Value
The Omnion 0SI accelerates the development of oxidative rancidity so that the useful life of an oil containing material may be determined. Unlike tests such as peroxide value, which determine oil quality only at the time of the test, the 0SI has predictive value, thereby allowing quality decisions to be made before spoilage becomes a problem.

The 0SI is an invaluable quality control tool for eliminating inferior ingredients, for isolating process variables causing stability problems, for measuring the stability of finished products, for evaluating antioxidant activity, for monitoring the deterioration of cooking oils with use, for determining the stability of PVC, and for many other applications where oxidative rancidity is the cause of product failure. Because the OSI has predictive value, problems are detected and eliminated before they cause rejection, unlike other tests which merely indicate that problems have occurred after it is too late to correct them.

Designed for precision and accuracy, ease of use and maintenance, and inexpensive operation, the OSI is used worldwide by refineries, food companies, pharmaceutical concerns, research institutes, chemical firms, pet food manufacturers, universities and government agencies.
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