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Prometheus / Epimetheus columns (1993)

I was a regular contributor at my college newspaper; my regular column was an op/ed feature with a weekly dose of philosophy and thought (forethought and afterthought, naturally). The articles here have been edited somewhat from their original form for grammar, but they are essentially the same content as originally published in 1993. Here follows the opening intro to the series, with links to each of the articles:

"Epimetheus/Prometheus Speaks...

This column is the first installment of a new series bearing the title, Epimetheus / Prometheus Speaks. Why the flowery title, you ask? Those of us with a smattering of Greek mythology will recognize the name Prometheus as the name of the demi-god responsible for delivering fire to the first men - a parable for the discovery of technology. It's a strange twist of fate that fewer people know about Epimetheus, Prometheus's brother and fellow Titan, who was the shaper/creator of mortal man. Their names, translated literally, are Forethought (Prometheus) and Afterthought (Epimetheus) - thus bringing us to my rationale for the naming of the column. Depending on the content of my writing, I'll categorize the article as being one of Prometheus, thus representing a forward-thinking point-of-view, or one of Epimetheus, representing an article that is mainly reflective. In this way, I can pay small homage to these legendary figures of the classical age, and invoke their presence, just like any other humble writer. So without further adieu..."

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