Planetary Timeline

Events that occur within the continuity of Warren Ellis's Planetary.

References are printed in bold text as Issue:Page:Panel. PP and PA are the Planetary Preview and Planetary / Authority crossover, respectively. If you would like to add to or correct entries on this timeline, please send email to with references as appropriate. This document was created by Mike Caprio with help from Chris Pinard (

Early Cretaceous:4:16:1Shiftship Crashes
January 1, 1900:1:9:1Born - Elijah Snow, Dr. Axel Brass, Jenny Sparks, John Stone(?)
< 1919:13:15:4Elijah Snow meets John Griffin, the Invisible Man
1919:13:18:1Elijah Snow meets Lady Van Helsing in New York City
 13:3:1Elijah Snow finds Baron Frankenstein's lab in Germany
1920s:15:12:1Sliding Albion's first incursion into our space
1920:13:14:2Elijah Snow finds Sherlock Holmes and a vampire in Big Ben (or is it 221B Baker St.?)
????:5:6:2Elijah Snow meets H.G. Wells
1925:13:22:3Sherlock Holmes dies of old age
 2:9:2Elijah Snow learns Japanese
 12:10:3First Planetary guide published
1930s:5:6:3Dr. Axel Brass meets Jenny Sparks
1930:15:11:1Carlton Marvell conferences with Axel Brass and Edison to discuss rocket science
January 1931:PA:5:3
Elijah Snow meets someone much like H.P. Lovecraft in Judgement, RI
193115:12:3Carlton Marvell gates into the Dreamtime and goes through
1932:PP:4:5Born - David Paine
1935:1:13:4Dr. Axel Brass's group builds HQ in Adirondacks
????:5:7:3Dr. Axel Brass meets The High (John Cumberland)
????:15:8:4Dr. Axel Brass and Elijah Snow cross paths at Fear Quay, Blazing Hawk Mountain, and the hidden city of Opak-Re
1939:5:14:1Dr. Axel Brass's group fights Daemonites in Paris
 PA:22:1Elijah Snow and Jenny Sparks sleep together
1940:1:15:4Edison and Dr. Axel Brass build computers
1942:1:13:3Dr. Axel Brass eliminates his need for food and sleep
1943:1:13:3Dr. Axel Brass stops aging
1944:1:13:3Dr. Axel Brass learns to close his wounds with his mind
January 1, 1945:1:22:1Dr. Axel Brass's group is destroyed fighting off invaders from a parallel Earth inside their snowflake quantum computer; Brass alone survives
VE Day, 1945:1:9:2An associate of Dr. Axel Brass is killed in Berlin, his diary is taken by a russian soldier and locked into a KGB vault
August 7, 1945:2:20:2A bright light is witnessed at Island Zero
1949:10:21:1A "friend" of The Four (Elijah Snow) writes an entry about an offshoot of grecian civilization in that year's planetary guide
August 1950:2:20:4Monsters appear on Island Zero
1950:8:17:3The Radioactive Woman is brought back to life by Randall Dowling and Anna Hark at City Zero
1952:PP:4:5David Paine begins working on description theory
1959:6:4:2Artemis creates a rocket for travel to the moon
John Stone fires on Nautilus while Elijah Snow, a woman from Florida and William Leather are aboard
???? 1960s:7:20:5Born - Jack Carter
1960:8:6:5The Radioactive Woman goes into hiding
June 6, 1961:6:6:3Artemis sends The Four to the moon; they never make it, instead they encounter a strange force in space
June 11, 1961:6:14:1Artemis-L returns to Earth
November 22, 1963:6:14:4A competing Russian lunar launch disappears completely; The Four go underground
1962:PP:7:3David Paine becomes an incredible creature via a description theory bomb
1964:6:15:1The Four take over the Artemis project
???? 1960s:5:6:4
Elijah Snow meets The High (John Cumberland) who is with Jenny Sparks
1967:11:9:1Bride kills Elijah's girlfriend in Marrakesh
< 1969:10:15:4The Four kill three potential heroes
1969:11:9:5Elijah Snow meets John Stone
???? (Saigon bug-out):1:11:1Elijah Snow leaves Vietnam
???? (mid-70s):2:20:5Monsters of Island Zero "die off"
1977:3:11:1Michelle of HK Planetary office is born
1983:PP:8:4The creature that was David Paine dies in a shaft after 21 years of capture
1985:7:7:1The Shifting Man fell out of a shiftdoor wearing a bleed-suit
1987:7:12:1Jack Carter stops a British government assassin from killing a potential messiah
1989:1:2:4Elijah Snow moves to the desert (not actually true if he left after going MIA)
 2:17:3Ryu eats human flesh in a sex club in Osaka
1993:3:10:4Michelle joins the HK Planetary office
1994:9:19:3Ambrose Chase meets the Fourth Man (Elijah Snow)
????:14:4:4Ambrose Chase brings down an abduction vessel in Brazil
1995:1:11:4The year Jakita Wagner joined Planetary (claimed by her 1:11:4, refuted 9:22:4)
 14:21:2Elijah Snow is taken by the Four and has memory blocks placed on him
 9:22:4The Fourth Man (Elijah Snow) goes MIA
????:2:10:1Jakita Wagner visits Island Zero with Ambrose Chase
1997:1:8:4Planetary raids KGB vaults of forbidden knowledge
 6:19:1Jakita Wagner and Broken Earth-A??
 9:7:2Planetary raids The Four's Fictionaut project in England; Ambrose Chase is shot and disappears in a reality distortion field
1999:1:3:4Elijah Snow (re)joins Planetary