Ziti's Italian Trattoria

Rt. 9, Speedway Shopping Plaza
Westborough, Massachusetts





Occasionally you find great restaurants in odd places. Ziti's is one of those rare finds, nestled into the Stop & Shop/BJ's shopping plaza off Rt. 9 East in Westborough. For a cost of around $15 a plate, you can get a meal that rivals some of the best "snooty" Italian restaurants in Central Mass. A friend and I journeyed there on 4/20/2002, and we were both quite pleased with what we found.

Food is served family style, but don't expect a posh setting; tables and chairs are take-out lounge style, and the pictures on the walls are similar to ones you would find at any other "pizza joint". The kitchen is open to the dining area, and the noise level is a bit high as a result. Ziti's makes up for all this with friendly kitchen banter and strains of Italian music being played over speaker. It may not be high class, but it doesn't pretend to be, and frankly it reminds me of my uncle's restaurant back home, so I kind of like it.

Service is friendly and fast - the chefs know how to make a really good meal very quickly; and honestly, they really have to because Ziti's is packed near to full almost every night of the week. This time I ordered something not on the menu: gnocchi with Carbonara sauce. The waitress said "neat! never did it like that before", and promptly brought us our drinks.

My friend ordered the spinach ravioli, and she was not disappointed. She was impressed by the richness and volume of the sauce - my own meal was decadent, light and fluffy gnocchi drowned in heavy cream sauce that was accented by a salty and juicy pancetta. I had also ordered a meatball on the side to get a taste of their Marinara and was again heartily satisfied. The meatball was huge, the portions on the pasta were amazing - I could only eat half of both.

I have yet to try Ziti's pizza, as I can't help but order their fabulous pasta and sauces every time I go, but it looks good as far as I can tell - Italian style, good size; no crazy gourmet ingredients, but all the bases covered nonetheless.

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