Willy's Steakhouse and Seafood

2 Grafton Street
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts





I had been hearing good things about Willy's for the last few years, so I was quite excited when the opportunity finally came for me to sample their fare. Willy's is known primarily for its high quality not only as a steakhouse, but also as a sushi bar.

Located at the corner of Main Street and Grafton Street in Shrewsbury, the restaurant can be found inside a small, rustic looking historical house - it can be difficult to get in on busy nights, and parking can be troublesome, though free valet parking does make it slightly less annoying. My party of six made a reservation on 11/24/03, and we were seated at a tight booth table situated just behind the bar.

I started with the sashimi appetizer, 7 pieces of excellent quality fish for 9.99, including tuna and salmon and yellowtail. The bite sized pieces of meat were extremely tender and delicious, and were presented with a great deal of flair - as were the other sushi dishes ordered by my friends. Cleverly cut vegetables were shaped into roses and other interesting shapes.

My entree choice was the roast duck; it came dressed in a succulent and sweet black raspberry sauce, accented by slices of orange between each cut of breast meat. The meal came with garlic mashed potatoes and a vegetable medley, unlike nearly all the other entrees - salads and side dishes can be an unanticipated additional cost, as they must all be ordered a la carte. Every element of my meal seemed perfectly prepared; even the vegetables and potatoes were seasoned expertly.

The menu seemed low on choices, but all the bases were covered; a variety of steak options were available, but other types of meat were usually only represented by one dish or prepartion. Our two servers moved briskly and kept the table clean, even though one of them seemed to be a server in training.

Dessert was a fabulously rich triple chocolate cake that did not seem to be standard store bought fare (I didn't find out whether they made their own desserts). The variety of dessert offerings made it hard to choose the perfect ending to my excellent meal. Price ended up being around $50 a person, but the quality of the meal truly matched the cost.

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