Tortilla Sam's

107 Highland Street
Worcester, Massachusetts





Patrons and fans of Tortilla Sam's will be happy to learn that I've increased the restaurant's rating due to better service and overall improvement. I dine there several times a month, and they've given me consistent service and quality since my original review in 2002.

The most notable improvement is their dinner specials; on certain nights, one can enter the restaurant during normal dinner hours and treat oneself to a dish even more out of the ordinary than what's on the normal menu. One such night of specials included "the hungry vegetarian" for $9.95, consisting of a relleno, a burrito, and a taco with beans and rice - nearly three meals worth of food! I also ordered restaurant made jalepeno poppers; they were easily three to four inches long, giant, tasty hot peppers filled with orange gooey cheese and dipped in corn dog batter!

The only unfortunate thing is that there seems to be no regular schedule for dinner specials, so you never know when they're having them. The addition of an outdoor sign or a chalkboard in the window with some dinner special advertising would do wonders!

Additionally, live music plays on random evenings as well. Otherwise, the restaurant remains much the same. It's still one of the very few Mexican restaurants in Worcester, yet it also happens to have one of the most vegetarian friendly menus I've ever seen - with unique items like Tofu Buffalo Wings and their much beloved green chili. The decor is pleasant and lively, really wonderfully done.

The menu simply has a huge tableau of choices, all of the traditional Mexican fare you can think of - often with a trademark twist. Fajitas by the pound is another amazing and fun take-out option; and the Sam's Secret Sauce wings are a taste sensation that is not to be missed. Everything is also very reasonably priced, and the restaurant itself is open until the very early hours of the morning, making it one of the few options available for late night dining.

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