Tiano's - Worcester, Massachusetts

108 Grove Street
Worcester, Massachusetts





I took two of my friends for a birthday dinner on 4/17/2001, and we had a gratifying meal.

We split a bruschetta appetizer and a grilled portobello mushroom appetizer between the three of us. Portions on appetizers are typically just enough for two, so we had just enough to whet our appetites.

Tiano's had added several new wines to their list - we tried the Van Asperen Merlot from 1997, and that selection was an excellent complement to our meal at the very reasonable price of 27 dollars per bottle.

For dinner, we had the leg of lamb special, the center cut pork chop entree, and the ricardo farfalle. We all thoroughly enjoyed our entrees, they were done to perfection. The lamb and pork both had a very nice vertical presentation, and the polenta served with the pork was very tasty. Dessert consisted of bananas foster cheesecake, tiramisu, and molten chocolate cake; all very, very delicious.

One caveat: more recently I have been to the restaurant with a vegetarian friend, I discovered that Tiano's is not very veggie friendly. If you're so inclined, watch out for bacon bits in salads and meats in sauces! The entire menu had perhaps one or two items vegetarians could safely eat.

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