Tatnuck Bookseller Restaurant

335 Chandler Street
Worcester, Massachusetts





On 1/13/04 myself and two friends met for dinner at the newly renovated Tatnuck Bookseller Restaurant. Though it didn't seem radically different on the surface (an unused coffee bar area sat dormant abutting the dining room), the menu had definitely undergone a change. A large and varied wine list was happily appended to the menu, though it wasn't a wine drinking evening for me.

For those who have never been, the restaurant sits squarely within the Tatnuck Bookseller bookstore. Patrons can easily grab a bestseller off of a shelf at their dinner table, or, if the restaurant is busy, put in their name with the maitre'd and browse for books while a table is prepared.

As always, there were an abundance of vegetarian choices. It did however seem that the menu choices didn't really cover a very wide spectrum overall... I decided on the marinated tofu dinner special, which came with a choice of soup or salad. As I'd previous tried and greatly enjoyed the African peanut spicy soup, I ordered the sweet potato and spinach soup with dinner.

Our server was brisk, friendly, and efficient, and brought out our hummus appetizer with amazing speed prior to taking our dinner order.

Portions ran a little on the light side (no leftovers), but the meal was totally satisfying. The tofu was marinated with rosemary and lime, and came with fresh steamed broccoli and aromatic basmati rice. Our appetizer of hummus and tabouleh was very flavorful and accompanied by warm pita slices and fresh crunchy veggies. My only disappointment was with the sweet potato and spinach soup - it lacked distinct flavor, accentuating neither the sweet potato or the spinach ingredients. It definitely could have used a little spicing up!

The restaurant is definitely a great spot for a quick and tasty meal, a good lunch, or even a dinner date.

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