Surya - Worcester, Massachusetts

299 Shrewsbury Street
Worcester, Massachusetts





Worcester dining veterans may remember Sweetheart, the superb Indian restaurant once located on Shrewsbury Street where one can now find the Zipango American Sushi Bar. Sweetheart won "best of Worcester" awards consistently, and was my favorite place to go for Indian. When they closed some time ago, my friends and I were despondent - but rumors quickly spread that the proprietors would be opening a new restaurant on Shrewsbury Street sometime soon.

As it turned out, the original owner of Sweetheart was retiring; much to our good fortune, other members of his family have taken up the reins and opened Surya - a delightful reincarnation of the great restaurant that Sweetheart was.

On the evening of 4/3/2002, several of my friends and I found ourselves at their door. Since we frequent the establishment often with lots of our crew, we were warmly greeted by the young owners.

Everything about the interior of the restaurant is geared towards Indian culture, and has a fun and comfy feel to it - from the ostentatious flashing "Supya" light-brite sign to the moving waterfall picture.

Though the menu doesn't change often, and specials are not to be found here, there's a terrific number of items to choose from. This time, being in the mood for vegetarian fare, I ordered the Shahi Paneer with hot spices. One thing that I've always liked about the food here is that the spiciness is always consistent - and if you ask for it hot, you actually get it hot (which is no mean feat where I'm concerned, as I enjoy very spicy foods).

Nan is prepared quickly and arrives fresh and piping hot at the table as soon as it's ready. The coconut soup is also a nice treat, being a pleasant mix of sweet and savory without being too much of either; and the rose milkshake is a unique experience that must be sampled to be believed. Everything in this meal was really quite tasty and filling, and was exactly what I expected.

Surya has performed consistently well in all categories on a regular basis, earning it a "Great" status - solid scores of 8 across the board. It's the only place in the area I think of when I want to get myself some curried goodness.

UPDATE: Surya offers a 15% discount on dinner with student ID or with an ad from Pulse magazine, a free Worcester college rag. This earns Surya an additional point in the "Portions" category!

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