The Sole Proprietor

118 Highland Street
Worcester, Massachusetts





When I first came to Worcester and attended WPI, the Sole, as it's commonly known, was a bit out of my price range and not quite the right hangout for me. Now I'm a little older and have a little disposable income... it's a great spot for late night drinks and a good snack.

On the night of 2/10/2004, a friend and I came for a nice sit down dinner. Which is not to say that the bar area is not thoroughly enjoyable - meals can be enjoyed at the bar, and selections from their raw and sushi bar can be ordered after 10 p.m. The hip folk of Worcester can "sea and be seen" there, as the current ad campaign goes, and the famous "Sole Bowl" is a great specialty drink.

For dinner I ordered the Shogun sushi platter and the Sole sushi combo platter with a side of spinach and garlic (very yummy for 2.99). The fish was very high quality, and all the food was superb. Great drinks, great atmosphere, decent prices - it's no wonder the place is always packed!

There was only one dark spot in the evening... The staff has very, very responsive service, which stumbled slightly by making my friend and I wait far too long before ordering. The wait staff (both waiters) and the manager were very apologetic, as it was a very busy night, but they more than made up for any inconvenience with a complimentary dessert. The Sole earns its top spot in the Central MA ratings.

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