32 Lyman Street
Westborough, Massachusetts




Needs Work

On 4/6/2002, I found myself in Westborough looking for someplace to have dinner with a friend. We were in the Starbucks in the Stop & Shop plaza off Route 9, and I suggested Scioletti's as I had seen it just over in the next building. I'd previously been to the Scioletti's in Hudson and had enjoyed it on a regular basis when I worked in that area.

Sadly, this Scioletti's was a disappointment. The only good thing I can really say about it is that they still make the really good bread that they're famous for - their bread recipe is just incredibly tasty, and they use a similar dough for their pizza crust. In Hudson in days past, we simply referred to Scioletti's bread as "crack". "Are you going to eat that crack?" "Hands off, that crack is mine!"

Another positive thing I can say about Scioletti's Westborough is that the food did come out quickly. However, what the kitchen accomplished in alacrity it sacrificed in quality. I could tell that the chicken parmigian and linguine I had ordered was all precooked and barely warmed before being brought out. If I had wanted fast food I would have gone to Wendy's! Our server, though polite, was very detached and a bit too speedy, giving us no more than the required attention and immediately returning to chat with her other server friends.

The real tragedy here is that I know Scioletti's could be much, much better. Truth be told, the Westborough location is really no better than any other mediocre Italian place. If the other locations had declined in quality to the standard that this location has, I wouldn't wonder at why they closed.

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