Rocco's NY Style Pizza - Newport, RI





While on vacation in Newport on 2/13/2002, myself and my friends asked our good friend Chris Jachimowicz for his recommendation of a good pizza joint. "You have to go to Rocco's," he told us. On his advice, we went down Broadway and found the restaurant just next to Portobella's (another Italian establishment I wish I had had the occasion to try).

Rocco's boasts a variety of pizza styles and traditional toppings. As an appetizer, Tom and I partook of a true antipasto - a terrific pile of meats and cheeses atop a bed of greens. Roasted peppers, Pepperoncini, cappicola, sharp provolone and olives made for a tasty opener.

For dinner, we ordered two pizzas, one an 18 inch "special" with combination toppings and the other a chicken and pesto Sicilian style pizza. This was way too much for the four of us to eat, but it was great to take it with us and share with other folks we saw later in the evening (and snack on late at night).

My friend Tom remarked sarcastically on the atmosphere - "Gee, you don't think this place is Italian, do you?". We were surrounded on all sides by souvenirs of NYC, pictures of famous Italians, and homemade photo collages and thank you cards from area schoolchildren. Strains from the Godfather and Frank Sinatra's Greatest hits played over the sound system, and the patrons were loud and boisterous (but in a pleasant way).

We were amazed that all the food was able to fit on our tiny table. Seating was a little cramped, as the place is much more conducive to take out than eating in, but the food made it all worthwhile. While I'm a fan of all kinds of pizza, I prefer a traditional, thinner and crispier Italian style crust to Chicago or Greek style pies. This made Rocco's a nice treat, and it's definitely the place to go for pizza in Newport.

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