Rat Pack Cafe

60 Worcester Road
Framingham, Massachusetts

Piano Bar




Myself and two friends came here to celebrate a birthday on 12/1/03; I've driven by the stretch of Rt. 9 plenty of times before, but hadn't ever managed to stop into this establishment.

The decoration is great - high backed leather booths ring the dining area, the bar is beautifully arranged, and the piano greets people as they walk in; sadly, there was no piano player the night I came in... honestly, if there were, this restaurant would have received a "great" rating.

A half dozen bread rolls were brought out on a black lacquer plate with an eggplant tapenade, extra virgin olive oil, and marinated olives in three separated sections of the dish. The rolls were hot and fresh and crisp - absolutely delicious. The server kindly brought out fresh rolls to us two more times! That rocked.

Dinner was veal chop accompanied by fresh string beans on top of a polenta and sauteed mushroom base. The veal was cooked nicely medium rare, though not as rare as I would have liked (but when I want rare, I really want rare, so I know it's hard to get at most restaurants).

The menu could have used a few more choices, and prices were a bit exorbitant. Again, if only the piano player were there - or even if there were more of a bar crowd, it would have been worth it for atmosphere. It was a Monday night though, so it's likely that these conditions are better later in the week.

Our server was very prompt and attentive. When we explained that we needed to leave in a hurry in order to catch a flick at the Imax 3D, she quickly brought back our check and saw us off. A good experience in all - just sadly shy of a great one.

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