20 Boston Turnpike
Shrewsbury, Massachusetts





It's taken a number of years to get more choices in sushi restaurants in the Worcester area; but the current popularity and widespread adoption of the fancy Japanese cuisine has finally given rise to places like Osaka in Shrewsbury. I went with on 1/19/2004, and found myself quite satisfied with the quality of the food and the reasonable prices.

The establishment has a long bar that runs almost the entire length of the dining area with two recently installed plasma TV screens playing sports hanging behind it, and contains eight or nine teppanyaki tables (teppanyaki is the style of "show cooking" where the chef prepares the food on a heated grill in front of the diners).

For dinner, I ordered tagamo (sweet quail egg omlette maki), spicy salmon roll, Kentucky roll (fried chicken tender maki), cucumber roll, oshinko roll, and avacado roll - 32 pieces of sushi for a little under 30 dollars!

The teppanyaki show was much fun with a skilled chef, though with other visits I have noticed that the skill of the chefs varies. In addition to the sushi, I ordered the "vegetables" teppanyaki dinner which is just veggies and fried rice, but comes with salad and miso soup - for just $8.95! It was enough to just pick at, and then have leftovers for lunch and a snack later.

If you've got a large party, Osaka is a great choice for dinner, though it can sometimes get quite busy. They're also great for takeout, but if they are busy, expect to wait just a little while for your sushi.

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