1160 West Boylston Street
Worcester, Massachusetts

Irish Pub




On the evening of 5/14/2002, my friends and I were trying to decide on a place to eat - some wanted barbecue, and some wanted steak, so the general consensus was something meaty. We couldn't come to agreement on where to go, so we decided that a hearty meal from one of our perennial favorite restaurants would do. Worcester Magazine had also recently awarded O'Connor's "best restaurant" in its best of Worcester annual survey.

O'Connor's has been around for nearly a decade or so; in that time, its appeal has become near legendary. Almost any night of the week, you can drive by and the humongous parking lot is always at least half full of cars. When you enter, you're immediately surrounded on all sides by Irish paraphenalia and knick knacks. The wait staff is friendly, and many of them are first generation Irish Americans or right off the boat Irish (gotta love that accent).

Having not been to the restaurant in some time, I was very happily surprised by the menu, which seems to have grown a great deal (the size of typeface was much smaller than I remembered!). We shared the "Irish potato pizza" appetizer (potato skins) and two orders of the restaurant's signature "shillelagh sticks" (corned beef sticks wrapped in puff pastry)

My entree choice (and it was an agonizing decision between it and a duck special) was a veal dinner special; the Irish equivalent of a veal saltimbocca. Lovely, tender medallions of veal with cured ham and cheese, all on top of a potato pancake (boxty). Other folks chose the old standby Guinness beef pie (another great signature dish) or large, meaty burgers.

In closing, I just have to say that I can't find a finer pint of Guinness in any other restaurant in the area; these guys know what they're doing.

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